Homemaking Series – Resources


How will you care for yourself in the next 24 hours?


What type of house work is your favorite? least favorite?


Compare what you heard today with your own life.

Is there anything you hope to change that is within your control?


What about the homemaking part of your life are you most grateful for?


How are you or how could you invite Jesus into the everyday, mundane living?


Resources for “Homemaking Series” 2019:

Glory in the Ordinary book by Courtney Reissig

Club31 Women, on Facebook and their website club31women.com, especially this article:
Homemaking 101

Domestically Challenged Divinely Equipped – Facebook Group by Tauna Meyer

Susan Seay – The Intentional Mom on Facebook and podcast on her website susanseay.com
book The Intentional Parent by Susan Seay

Go to church on Sundays ❤

Mrs. Gore’s Diary on Facebook, Instagram, and mrsgoresdiary.com

Risen Motherhood – Podcast and other resources risenmotherhood.com

Stop Screaming at the Microwave book by Mary LoVerde

Charlotte Siems – CharlotteSiems.com Biblical self-care and other homemaking topics

Original Strength book by Tim Anderson

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